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  • Description

    Piedras Negras 2 days

    Where the history of the Maya Kings were revealed for the first time. This ancient city of Piedras Negras holds a unique place in investigations. It was right here where Tatiana Proskouriakoff made it possible in “breaking” the Maya written language, bringing Classic Maya kingship into view for the first time in history.

    Piedras Negras is the largest of the sites along the Usumacinta River, some 25 miles downstream from Yaxchilan. The ancient name of this politic center could have been Yo’ki’b, perhaps meaning “the entrance”. Inspired by the deep canyons of downstream or pond nearby hat the Maya associated the underworld.

    This site is within the national park Sierra de Lacandon. Mayan city that was the largest of the Usumacinta. It was here that deciphering Maya writing for first time. Also we visited one of the Mayan cities with lintels and a maze, Yaxchilan.
    Starting at Flores:
    We will meet you at the airport Mundo Maya or any hotel at Flores, El Remate or Tikal. Private transfer to La Técnica or Bethel village 3hrs dirt road.

    Package Includes:

    Transportation by land and water
    Meals: 4 Full meals for the entire trip (1 Breakfast, 2 Lunch 1 Dinner) + snacks (we will deliver first day).
    1 Jungle cook
    Camping: camping gear, comfortable sleeping mattress, (Pillows by request)
    2 person per tent clean, or single.
    Water for washing every day.
    Happy hour with tea or coffee every afternoon on camp.
    Biodegradable soap and hand cleansing gel.
    Emergency First-aid kit. (guide)

    Does not Includes:

    Tips for guide, staff at Las Guacamayas
    Flight Ticket to Flores
    Accommodation in Flores or Tikal
    Travel Insurance. (Check that your insurance covers you for trekking and consider joining a local emergency.)

    Upgrade your trail to Piedras Negras

    1 night at Piedras Negras: add 1 more days in your expeditions at Piedras Negras.
    Tikal day tour: Daily tours to Tikal, we can provide services in shared or private tours to Tikal and all destinations in Petén, Belize and Southern México.
    Flight from Guate City or Belize: We are wholesalers of the flights to Tikal, you can book with us, the best price guaranteed.
    Transfer to Palenque, we can provide private transfer from Corozal border to Palenque.
    Booking hotels: Please check our accommodations section and you can choose the hotel that you like.
  • Itinerary

    Day 1 – Flores – La Técnica – Piedras Negras B L D

    Departure at 7:00 am you will first journey overland to the village community of la Técnica, 3hrs. 150 km northwest of Flores. It takes some 4 hours to navigate downstream on the Usumacinta. The photo-opportunities along the river make this trip a great adventure.

    10:00 am – Take the boat downstream on the river.

    01:00 pm – Box-Lunch on the way.

    02:00 pm – Arrival to Piedras Negras. The visit includes the ball-court area, K-5 structure, West Acropolis, Tatiana Proskouriakof´s tomb, West Group, South Group and the famous Steam-bath building.

    05:00 pm – Then continue to El Porvenir camp-site by boat, 15 minutes ride there camping.

    06:00 pm – Dinner at the camp and Introduction lecture of Yaxchilan and delivery of next day´s activities.

    Overnight – El Porvenir Ranger camp.

    Day 2 – Porvenir – Yaxchilan / Flores B L

    Jungle morning wake up call. Today explore Yaxchilan an allied city of Tikal and Palenque.

    08:00 am – Departure to Yaxchilan 2.5 hrs. navigate the Usumacinta River, which runs between Guatemala and Mexico.

    10:30 am – Yaxchilan whose name means "Place of Green Stones" in maya, 3 magnificent stelae and lintels with well-preserved maze even make it a unique place of the mayan cities.

    02:30 pm - Arrival time at Corozal Border. Then take a transfer to Flores or Palenque. 3hrs.

    End of Jungle trek End of Jungle trek.

    B Breakfast, L Lunch, D Dinner.

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    Piedras Negras 2 days


  • FAQ´S

    Piedras Negras FAQs

    Many travelers interested on expedition to Piedras Negras have questions about the experience and what to need bring. We’ve answered a few of the more common ones here.

    Who operated Piedras Negras, Guatemala?

    The expedition is operated by staff Turismo Aventura (transportation, meals, Cook and guide) and the people la Técnica community (boat) located 150 km west of Flores.

    What is the best time of the year to make the trip?

    Petén is quite hot most of the year, we can consider that the best season is from October to March. The hottest season is from March to May and June to Nov. is the rainy season. But is possible all year.

    What are the challenge of this trekking and camping?

    It is a Sub-tropical humid forest, where the whole activity take place. It is 660 feet (200 mts) above sea level on average. Since this is a marine origin land we have no mountains to climb (sorry). There is no electricity or water or convenient toilet infrastructure along the trail and/or in the campsites. There is no cellular network neither. Toilet facilities on campsites are basic, some trekkers just prefer nature. Unfortunately, it is completely out of our hands.

    What to do with my luggage during the trip?

    You can ask your hotel to guard luggage for free during the Trek. But we can also gladly do it; just bring your luggage to our Agency the same day you start your Trek. If you continue trip to Palenque, you can take it on the trip.

    What to Pack on the trip to Piedras Negras?

    All you will be required to carry is a daypack containing items you will need during the trek (camera, sunscreen, t-shirt, bugs-spray, personal hygienic items, personal first-AID kit etc.).

    1 Backpack (water-proof), where you can carry all your personal items.

    1 Daypack (water-proof) that you can carry yourself.


    July, August, September, October, November: Rainy season. The foot-wear for this season is got to be water-proof, rubber-boots are recommended to bring along.

    December, January, February (best time): This time of the year is fairly easy so hiking shoes are good enough.

    March, April, May and June: This is the dry season so take in consideration that you will put with temperatures between: 90-109 Fahrenheit / 30-38 Celsius.

    Feel free to bring your sandals as well to be used at the camp-sites, although it is important to use the ones with toe-protection.

    What to wear:

    July, August, September, and October: It is our rainy season therefore all your clothes may get soaked. We recommend you to put two or three sets of clothes in water-proof-bags so you can have dried ones at any time. Rain gear and towels.

    November, December, January, and February: This are transitional months, we get affected by cool fronts, and therefore we recommend to bring sweaters and warm-clothes. We recommend you to put two or three sets of clothes in water-proof-bags so you can have dried ones at any time. Rain gear and towels.

    March, April, and May: This is the hottest and most humid time of the year, and therefore light-clothes. As we tend to have occasional showers it is recommended to bring rain-gear.

    Important: All the above information needs to be taken as guide-line, but since weather is nearly impossible to predict take all the advice possible. Check weather fore-cast.

    Don’t forget to bring:

    Water container always with you, flashlight and batteries, broad-brim or peaked cap, sunblock, insect repellent, toiletries.

    You also have to bring a copy of your passport with you on the trek, is preferable to leave the original I a safe deposit box or luggage (at the hotel).

    How much should I tip to cooks, assistants and guides?
    A recommendation for tipping:
    From $3USD to $5USD per day per person.
    All tips should be delivered individually.
    Is purified water available on the trip?
    Yes, we will deliver purified water to the trek. We recommend that travelers bring their own refillable bottles to limit plastic waste.
    Along the way we will come across small reservoirs (bodies of water).Where we wash our equipment. Also good for showers.
    What type of food will we get on the trip?
    Our cooks prepare excellent high-energy meals appropriate for a trek of this nature. The menu usually includes pasta, rice, chicken, fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of oatmeal, eggs and other breakfast foods. Vegetarian alternatives are available upon request at the time of booking.
    Please let us know if you want vegetarian meals when you book your trek or if you have a special restriction.
    No red meat (chicken & fish ok)
    No fish (red meat and chicken ok)
    Lactose-free (mild reactions only)
    Gluten free (mild reactions only)
    We deliver a detailed menu and the list of products that you wear for the trip. (Vegetables, eggs, fruit, milk, coffee, tea, sports drinks, etc.) This is very important to ensure that the quality and quantity of food during the trip. The cook or the guide cannot say no food or water, etc. because you know exactly what we deliver in their hands.
    What are the requirements to trip Piedras Negras?
    There is no government restriction on the age limit for Piedras Negras.
    However as a responsible trekking company Turismo Aventura does not accept reservations for children under the age of 9 years old and adults over 67 years old.
    All children under 18 years old must also be accompanied by an adult. We require that all of our trekkers over 60 years old hire the service of an extra muleteer with horse and bring a letter from your doctor confirming that you are fit to participate in the trek.
    Bookings must be made as far in advance as possible. To be able to ensure a spot on the trek to Piedras Negras we recommend that you purchase your trip at least 3 or 2 months in advance in low season (between May – June and September - October) and at least 4 or 3 months in advance in high season (Nov. to April).
    First of all we are located in Guatemala as country, most of the negative issues occur in Guatemala City. We are situated in the Northern most part of the country, El Petén. El Petén as region is the largest territory but the least populated one. The area where Piedras Negras is located in a protected area, the Sierra de Lacandon and bordering Guatemala Usumacinta river that divides and México.
    Why Turismo Aventura
    Over 10 Years' Experience
    Our proven track record allows travellers to book with confidence, safe in the knowledge they are travelling with an experienced tour operator. Recommended in Lonely Planet and hostel trails. We are a serious and honest company that will not lie to sell a service.
    Local Experts
    Every trek and tours are managed by our local office base, located in Flores, Petén. We are partners with the tourism committee of Cruce Dos Aguadas and Reino Kan brand.
    Our local expertise makes us one of you best choices in the region. Our knowledge makes us find the right services for your safety and comfort, such as the right transportation, accommodation and flights or even a nice restaurant that will suit your preference and budget.
    Our local commitment to our local staff consists in making sure that everyone gets paid accordingly to their role in the expedition as well as they get their assistance and training. All support staff and cooks work under the region’s best employment conditions and are fairly compensated for their efforts.
    Exclusive departures
    Offer two options to make the trek.
    1. Private expedition from 2 people (you put the date)
    2. Scheduled Departures
    The best for everything
    On-trip meals are prepared from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and we suggest the menu. High-quality tents and camping gear are set up and maintained by our support staff, freeing you up to get the most out of your experience. We add cushions in the tents for better comfort. Slipping bag are not necessary but feel free to bring your own.