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Jungle Treks

Guatemala still has the third portion of the world's largest rain forest known as "Maya Biosphere Reserve" parks, biotopes, archaeological sites covered by a dense jungle, variety of wildlife: birds, howler monkeys, tapirs, jaguars and others. This area combined with the protected areas of southern Mexico and Belize, are the largest stretch of tropical forest in the Americas, north of the Amazon. Our Jungle Treks are an experience in bespoke lost cities and wildlife refuges. You will sleep in basic campsites, without electricity, there is no cellular network neither. You will have time to learn about local customs and culture along the way. We suggest a variety of multi-day treks to remote areas throughout northern Guatemala. Choose according to condition and resistance.

Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

Las Guacamayas 2/3 days

Mirador Trek 5 days

Nakum Trek 2/3 days